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  1. News

  2. 03/01/2004
    KlearDock 0.5 Released. This is our first release, but it's already useable. So please go to the download page on sourceforge to try it out. All bug repports and comments welcome. Have fun :). David

    Minor site update, adding some ideas (actually a idea) on how to resolve kleardock related problems

    Just merged Alfonso Presa's autohide patch into CVS, and Shlomi's going to be merging a new zoom style for the icons this week too, so we'll probably be makeing another release in the not too distant future. Just to keep everyone up to date on the happeings. David

  3. Introduction

  4. In june 2003 A project named KSmoothDock, maintained by Viet Dung appeared on kde-look. It's aim was to bring a more appealing dock to KDE. After a few monthes the project promptly died (or at least no one could contact the developper), and a fork was made, KlearDock
    (Update 03/01/2004: I've just recieved a response to my e-mail to Viet Dung, and since he won't be able to take care of KSmoothDock for the next few months, KlearDock will be the maintained branch for the time being. Fingers crossed he'll come on board to join us when he returns)

    KlearDock aims to be multiplatform (at the moment we only have Linux success stories, but the aim is to support anything that runs KDE), easy to use (A KDE Control center module is planned), and fully featured (we're currently working towards a modular design to allow easy management of the componants) whilst not requiring an Athelon XP to run (I'm currently using PII/Celeron based systems and it's fine).

  5. Installation

  6. To install KlearDock un pack the tarball available on the project's sourceforge page, cd into the directory created, and type ./configure && make && su -c "make install"

    To start KlearDock when KDE starts, cd into the ~/.kde/Autostart directory and type ln -s `which kleardock`

    Finally, to be able to add shortcuts to the dock by right clicking on them, cd into the ~/.kde/share/apps/konqueror/ and type

    cat > addToDock.desktop << EOF
    [Desktop Entry]
    [Desktop Action add]
    Name=Add to Dock
    Exec=cp -s %u ~/.ksmoothdock/menu-3.1/

    Thanks to gandhi_77 at for that one

  7. Help

  8. First of all test the program with a fresh config, ie delete ~/.kleardock/ and rerun kleardock. At the moment kleardock can choke on bad config files. This counts double if your useing the CVS version of the software

    For any and all help concerning KlearDock, as well as patch submissions and feature requests, please turn to the kleardock mailing list available on the sourceforge project page.

  9. Screenshots

  10. are here (click to enlarge):

    screenshot1 screenshot2
    screenshot3 KlearDock only

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